Warner Music UK

“TPI provide state of the art speaker systems that are perfectly engineered for the creation of new music by our artists.”

Louie Vega

“I had the pleasure of playing on the TPI sound system and I received many compliments thanks to the warm and clear sound. Here’s to more TPI systems around the world!”.

Phonica Records

‘It's hard to believe we ever had parties at Phonica without them! The sound created from their fully customised rig is impeccable”

Greg Wilson

“Special attention to the sound that TPI installed for the evening - Quite something to see the space transformed as it did!”

Kenji Takimi

“Really powerful and awesome”

Auntie Flo

"I was amazed by the small speakers at Mondrian Hotel. Hearing the full rig was a revelation!”

Jon K

“A great balance of weight & clarity. Definitely the talking point of the night”

DJ Nature

“TPI came correct for me - Big Thanks!”

Public Possession

“Really clear and warm sound that perfectly fitted the venue.”

David Hill

“TPI gives us the speed, dynamics and defined slam of a contemporary speaker design, but without any fatigue. Put simply, TPI is top ranking.”