TPI Sound.

Dedicated to building

a new sound experience.

We are defined by passion for innovation and loudspeaker advancement – we endeavour to offer the highest quality sound reproduction through extensive research, precision engineering and the use of high-technology materials.


Our experienced team of engineers, Giles Smith, Ian Knight and industry pioneer Tim Isaac, have designed systems for the world’s leading record companies, studios and entertainment venues over decades. Designed and manufactured in United Kingdom, TPI present a new product range based on a wealth of industry and engineering experience.



We never compromise in our pursuit of sonic purity. We strive to achieve pure tonality and complete lack of phase aberrations. Over many years, we have developed intuitive, forward thinking speaker designs that reduce the need for complex, later stage handling, processing, and installation.


TPI work exclusively with the state of the art materials supplied by highly experienced industrial experts. From premium grade birch plywood from the forests of Finland, to custom made neodymium drivers, to reinforced carbon fibre composites used in Formula 1 and aviation construction, we achieve the finest quality in every component.